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Monday, March 2, 2015

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Fashion: Topman Socks are Awesome!

Hello Hello!

I wanted to quickly share these new socks today. I am currently really into Topman Socks. Yep! I'm a lady, but I prefer the ones for the gentlemen. I don't know if it's just me, but the men's socks fit me better than the ones for women. My feet are a bit wide for women, which makes it a little hard to find perfect fitting shoes. The same principle goes for socks! Anyway, these are not too loose and not too tight for me, so if you have slightly wider feet or if you simply have big feet, men's socks would probably be better for you.

This has got to be my favorite pair of socks. I am the type of person who enjoys wearing colorful, crazy, cute or character socks. You'll probably spot me wearing them either when I have sporty shoes on or at night because my feet easily gets cold. Either way, I would crack a smile just from seeing them. I guess you can say I am easily amused. I got them for 195 Philippine Pesos.

They are called Orange Fish Character Socks, I looked it up on their site in case you wanted them as well. Link HERE. I intend on buying more socks from Topman in the future. I do hope they'll put in more designs soon. Maybe even something to top this [I saw really cute ones on their website]. Know where else I can cute socks?

More content soon. Hugs!~
Jaly ♥


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