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Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Food Review: All Meat Pizza by The Pizza Warehouse

I was able to receive the first half of my allowance from my internship.  My mom was also in town which is why I decided to take my family out to eat. We went to a newly opened store called the Pizza Warehouse in Glorietta.

Ambiance: It was pretty generic. It had basic chairs, tables and lighting. The only difference is that they have this big glass screen that allows you to see what happens in the kitchen. You'd be able to see how they prepared the food and if they were clean. It was a nice addition. I don't mind eating somewhere with a generic look as long as the food was good and that it was correctly and cleanly prepared. There were a lot of people eating there and from what I see they didn't mind that the setting was a bit like a food court.

Staff: The staff were nice and accommodating. They happily answered whenever I asked a question. They also replied politely when I asked why their utensils easily broke.

Food: I ordered the 18 inch All Meat Pizza. I always order All Meat Pizza (My Favorite). Because of this, I was prepared to judge it hard.

-The presentation was okay. It was still generic. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.
-It was still really hot. If they brought it to me cold, I would have complained.
-Taste: The crust was a bit undercooked. It took quite an effort to slice it into little pieces. We often broke the utensils and had to ask for more. To our defense, the utensils were weak and substandard. One of the employees apologized and said that the new utensils won't arrive till the following week. The toppings were really nice though. The meat was seasoned well and was able to dominate the pizza. The cheese they used was also good. I love being able to identify the taste of the cheese in pizza. As much as I love meat, I also love cheese. It was melted and gooey.

 Sorry guys! I got too excited so I forgot to take a photo of the whole pizza. This is what's left when I remembered.

Overall, I'd go back. It was worth it and they did serve good food. I would probably inform them of the slightly undercooked crust next time and maybe they'd get it just right.

I'd give it 4 Stars ★★★★


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