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Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Event: LeBran Dance Party All In!

Hello Everyone!

I attended a dance party back in May 30, 2014. I am only able to share it with you today because I was editing my blog template.

According to LeBran's website, "Le Bran is a unique dance fitness routine that utilizes movements from popular Latin dances and translates the same into body kinetics which delivers long lasting fitness benefits in mind and body. It is pioneered in the Philippines by Mr. Brando Balmedina, who has been conferred the title Fellowship in Latin American dances by the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing."

Basically, I see it as a fun way to exercise. They created an event where people could party and exercise at the same time. I was quite curious as to how the event works. Most parties involve a lot of dancing, but this one incorporates it with exercise. I had no idea how it will work because I haven't even tried LeBran before. I have previously tried Aerobic Dancing and I didn't really like it.

Let's Start with the Cons:

1. Slow Start~Entrance: I reached the place a few minutes before it started. There was already a line of people trying to register for the event. I'd say there were 7-12 people ahead of me and they were taking quite some time to register. People were cramming the front desk and it took them quite a while to find their names. I wasn't even on the list.

2. Miscommunication between guests and hosts: I didn't like how I wasn't properly briefed about the free photo booth and where the baggage counter was. The people at the front desk were supposed to inform me that the photo booth near the entrance was free. also, I've been listening to other groups of people as the hosts were giving instructions on where the baggage counter was and from what I heard, a lot of people, including me did not understand where exactly the counter was. Perhaps I was a bit too focused on studying everything going on. I don't know. But, I wish there were clearer instructions and information given as the event went on. There were other minor instruction and information problems as the event progressed.

3. Uninteresting Start: Once I saw the main room where we'll be "partying" and people barely interacted with each other. I saw a couple of groups that just sat there and stared the main screen that showed repeating advertisements. I'd have to say how I had a few yawns myself.

4. No Free Water: When the tickets were being sold, we were told that there would be free water. No free water was given, but a tea company whose name I failed to understand gave away free tea. The host said that it was supposed to help when trying to lose weight. It was an ideal drink if you are on diet. I was a bit intrigued and tried to get a cup.

5. One Dispenser: There was only one dispenser for the drinks. There were a lot of people. You do the math; the tea area was congested. There was no line. People tried to cut in everywhere. It was basically chaos. Also, the empty cups were beside the dispenser, which made things worse. People were grabbing and pushing everywhere. I really dislike such situations, but I didn't bring water. I was also really thirsty. From where I was, nothing was done to try and fix the situation. The people were left to fight over whose hand would be able to get tea first.

6. Overpriced Water: Once I got back to my seat, I found out water was being sold. Not only that, they were selling it for 30 pesos each. It's overpriced for a bottle of water. I would think they'd lower the price to try and compensate for the whole "free water" incident. I'd choose the cold water compared to the free tea though.

7. Missing Staff: The moment I went looking for a waiter, so I could buy a bottle, they were gone. I tried to look around, but they can't be found. I decided to roam around. I found two of them on the other side of the wall that surrounded the dance floor, having a nice chat. In my opinion, they should be roaming around, looking for people who'd like to buy something.

8. Lack of Brochures: I tried asking a lady situated in the front desk for a brochure. She called a young usherette to help me out. The usherette brought me beside the stage to ask for a brochure. The guy said that they didn't have one and to return later because he would have someone get one for me. I returned before I left the event and they still didn't have one. If I was a potential customer, they probably lost me.

Was I a bit harsh? I was just being frank. Let's move on to the pros.

1. Friendly Ushers: I wanted to take note of how friendly and accommodating the ushers were.

The girl wearing the blue skirt is the one who assisted me. I failed to ask her name, but whoever you are, Thank you.

2. Good Venue: The venue basically looked like a mix of a club and a dance studio. I wish I could have worn neon colored clothes. I wore black, grey and white. To my defense, it would be easier to hide my sweat. As I mentioned earlier, I had no idea how the event would go, especially since it was the first time I'd try Le Bran. The whole "party" while exercising was a bit foreign to me, but Le Bran did a great job in combining the two ideas.

3. Good Music: I have to point out how I liked the song choices. Their playlist was fun and upbeat without being too annoying for my taste. I listen to a lot of party music whenever I need to get a bit of energy and there were a lot of mixes that I've never heard of before. Did they have someone remix it? I don't know, but I like it.

4. Several Raffle Prizes: I like winning free stuff. Who doesn't? I never win at raffles, but they're a good way to keep the crowd quiet and listen to the winning numbers. They gave away Le Bran gift certificates and merchandise.

5. Superior Dancers: There were these amazing dancers who moved gracefully. I enjoyed watching them perform dances I could never do. I believe they had the technical skill on point. They were able to match the beat. I don't like watching people dance off-rhythm. I also noticed how most, if not all, displayed this confidence that just radiates a certain intensity.

6. Interesting Dances: Back when I tried Aerobic dancing, the moves were all pretty basic and you'd probably get bored pretty quick. I enjoyed the variety of dance styles they exhibited. Everyone would be able to find at least one dance style they'd like. I don't exactly have the best hand-feet coordination, but I was able to follow a lot of the dances they prepared.

7. Different Set of Dancers: I wanted to put this in a different number because I thought it was important to have different set of dancers every time they changed the dance style. It allowed the dancers to showcase their specialty and it would allow other dancers to rest and retain energy. I'd like to point out how I liked that they have dancers in the crowd. Not everyone would be able to see the stage clearly and it helped that we had people to follow nearby.

8. Short Water Breaks: It wasn't too short that we couldn't catch our breathes. It wasn't too long that I'd lose the energy and motivation to continue. I hated the long water breaks from aerobic dancing because I'd lose the adrenaline and feel tiredness creep into me.

9. Consistent Staff Energy: If I notice that the hosts and dancers start to get tired and talk with a little less energy, then I'd probably notice the same thing happen to me. You get what you give, and the staff were able to consistently fill the room with their energy. It worked out well. I left the event still pumping with adrenaline and music blaring in my ears.

10. It's for a Great Cause: LeBran has scholars. The money customers pay them, allows the company to support their scholars. I believe that education is very important and that every child should have the chance to go to school. Life is hard. It's even harder when you're financially unstable. I salute LeBran for this remarkable action.

Conclusion: Basically, I enjoyed it.
Do I recommend it? Yes I do. I had fun and exercised at the same time.

Will I go to another one of their events? 70% yes. I'd like to think they would work out the kinks next time. Also, I'm not sure when they'd have their next event and if I would be able to catch the news.

Will I go to their exercise sessions? Whenever I have the time, I would. They offer free sessions near the Makati City Hall.

Event: I hope they would be able to plan and organize the event better next time. The idea has a lot of potential, but it lacked proper execution.
Dance/Exercise: Keep doing what you're doing. I loved the dance routines.

Website: http://www.lebrandfx.com.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LebranDFX
Twitter: @lebrandfx
Email: shapeup@lebrandfx.com.ph
Mobile: (+63) 917 502 4677
             (+63) 917 655 5246
             (+63) 916 401 1490

They didn't have brochures during the event, so they sent it to me via email.
I would like to thank Ms. Cadlum for taking the time to send me the brochures via email.

Note: If you noticed, the cons were all from the event organization. I have no qualms about the dance routines. I thought they were fun.

Event: Philippines


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