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Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Movie Review: The Purge

What if one night every year you could commit any and all crimes you wish?

Hi Everyone, today I would like to share a movie I recently watched. I have been looking for horror films and I stumbled upon this one. it was released back in 2013. The movie portrays the future of the United States of America. In the movie, America has flourished economically, but removed the security the law has provided. For 12 hours any and all crime is allowed. Police and Hospitals aren't available to help. Because of this, people either lock themselves inside their house or they go out to hunt or purge. The movie shows how a wealthy family gets targeted and attacked by people from the outside when a stranger was let in by a family member. 

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When people start to get a bit worried about the coming "Purge" it starts to get on my nerves as well. I was a tad scared about what would happen in the film. The fighting hasn't even started yet and I already see what the people behind the movie intend to fill the minds of the viewers. I only hope they can deliver the thrill and fear I'd like to feel from the whole film. I've noticed a few things about the movie, which are:

1. The importance of self protection. There are a lot of arguments regarding this topic. It tackles the importance of owning weapons to protect themselves versus the importance of not owning weapons to not hurt other people. It also goes into the importance of knowing self defense. In our world today, is it safe not to own weapons or know how to defend yourself? We all have different views in this matter, but I do believe that self defense is important. I'm not necessarily saying you should own a gun. We can protect ourselves in a number of ways. A year ago or so, I've attended Aikido classes. I wanted to be able to protect myself from people who want to harm me. 

2. The importance of morality~The sense of being a human being. Is it still a world worth living in if you can kill people for the sake of releasing anger and frustration? Is this what the essence of being a human being? If that happens, is there still such a thing as morality? It's scary to think people would welcome the idea itself. 

3. The unconditional love of a parent. The movie will remind everyone how far parents will go to protect their children. It's nice to see that despite the circumstances, the film shows some positive aspects in it. 

4. Learn who to trust. Would you trust an educated youth or a homeless man? We need to see behind the outside shell. We must learn to see their true intentions. There are people are good at hiding their themselves behind masks and uncovering the truth isn't easy, but what if it's a matter of life and death? Will you make the right choice? Will you trust the right person? Or will you trust no one? 

I liked how the concept was different from the usual settings we see. Perhaps the scariest thing about it is that it's something that is possible. It is not something that will likely occur right now, but it is possible.

Honestly though, the family made really stupid decisions. It annoyed me a lot because most people wouldn't do most of the things they did. I really don't want to give out spoilers but the way some of the main characters think just really gets on my nerves. I know it is just a movie and not real life. I feel like most movies out there make their characters a bit dense. I've seen it, you've seen it. It sucks.

I have to say though that the first half of the movie was good, but I started to lose interest as it passed the halfway point. I just felt like things could have been made better. I kinda saw the twist in the end, but it was okay nonetheless. In my opinion, the idea had potential, but the people behind the film failed to deliver the thrill it wanted to instill in the mind of the viewers.

I would have to give it 3.5 Stars


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