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Monday, July 28, 2014

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Food Review: Walnut Muffin from Cup of Faith Coffee Shop


How is everyone doing? I'd like to share this nice little treat I got last July 25th from a cute coffee shop/Christian bookstore located inside the Christ's Commision Fellowship in Pasig. I was there for a seminar called "Turn Around Marketing". It is called "A Cup of Faith", a very fitting name if you ask me. I wanted to try something from there and decided to go with the Walnut Muffin.

I thought it looked appetizing and the walnuts on the top just made it a whole lot better.

The muffin was soft. It was coming apart a little bit as I tried to eat it. I took photos of it inside the store, but I asked for a bag so I can eat it while walking or while we're still outside the main hall. 

I really liked the muffin. It had the right amount of sweetness. The walnuts brought that little crunch and gave it a distinct taste. I think I also tasted cinnamon in there. I liked how it all balanced the taste of the muffin. Usually, the bottom half of a muffin makes me lose my interest because it holds the least flavor. In this case though, the taste of the cinnamon was consistent, which made eating it all good.

The coffee shop was on the second floor of the book shop. It had a flight of stairs that leads to it. If only I was living near CCF, I would love to stay there when reading a book. Although, I did notice how the floor in the coffee shop was a little "shakey". It was like it was vibrating a little bit.

The staff were very accommodating. I like how they handle their customers. They were all smiles and were more than happy to give me information I wanted.

Overall, I'd say it was really nice. I'd buy one again. I'd even try something else from their array of treats. My grandmother said it was the first muffin she actually liked, so that is saying a lot. She does not like muffins and cupcakes. She prefers donuts, but this one passed the test.

Here is a map that shows where CCF is. To all my readers/viewers, I'm sorry this one is located inside the Philippines.

I'd give the muffin a 4 out of 5 Stars! 

Note: I'm trying to keep the reviews/posts direct to the point. I don't exactly want to dilly-dally on things that don't really matter. I hope you'd like my posts better this way. If not, you can let me know in the comments below.



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