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I appreciate all the review copies given to me. I am very grateful that you deemed my blog worthy to review your item.

Note: I am currently accepting review copies that can be featured in the blog. I only accept items that are relevant to the content featured in the blog. I also accept giveaway copies for readers/subscribers.

Jaly's Books, Boys and Food is a personal blog. All the Articles/Reviews written are my personal opinions. I create non-biased content. If given an item I will always give my honest opinion. I try to write the reviews/articles as soon as my real life allows me. I refuse review copies if:
* the time frame for the creation of the article/review is too short for me
* the item is something I don't intend on using/reading
* the sender is rude/disrespectful and/or uncooperative.
* other reasons that may include personal taste and interest

Book Review Policies:

I accept both physical books and e-books for review. I don't accept books that are midway through a series unless I have finished reading the books that preceded it. If for example you'd like me to review a sequel or a final installment, kindly send me the book/s that preceded it.

I accept books that run the gamut from Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Horror to Young Adult. I am most interested in reading Contemporary Romance and Crime Fiction. I like reading a wide range of books as long as I find it either interesting or intriguing.

If I wasn't able to finish the book for whatever reason I won't be able to give it a full review. I can't write about something I wasn't able to read. I would include details in the article/review.

Send me your request Here: jesalysa@gmail.com

Note: I receive a lot of emails each day. I reply as soon as possible, but if I am unable to respond to your email within a week, either kindly send the email/request again or contact/inform me via twitter (@thatgirljesa)


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