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Monday, July 28, 2014

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Boys: Jack Harries: A Film for Ella

Recently, a young man named Jack Harries created a video for his girlfriend Ella. Jack is a Youtuber whom I've been watching for quite a long time now. I have been a fan of his and his twin brother's work in their channel Jacksgap. To be honest, I even follow them on Twitter. Jack and Finn (His twin) create high quality videos and help charities along the way. The more views they obtain, the bigger help they give out. I am very inspired by their ways and hope to one day meet the chaps. I have a lot of respect for their big hearts and intelligent minds.

Photo from: Jacksgapsite
[Although they have taken it from Ella Grace Denton's Facebook]

Anyway, let me get back to the film Jack made for Ella. Watch it, before give my insights. 

I was extremely touched by the video. He lives in London. Ella challenged Jack to go see her but not to tell her when. He spontaneously dropped everything and packed to go to Australia. He spent more than 28 hours just to surprise Ella on her birthday. 

To all the guys out there, do take some notes. It was absolutely romantic. I shed a few tears after seeing them reunited. I think he gave her the best gift for her birthday. The amount of effort he has put on to it is simply amazing. This kind of relationship just makes me feel like a hopeless romantic. I do think that their time together will be well spent. The last part of the video simply shows that they are having tons of fun. 

I wish them all the best and a belated happy birthday to Ella Grace Denton. 


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