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Saturday, March 21, 2015

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Fashion: Albert Sumague Kathy Shoes


I'd like to talk about this new pair of shoes I've bought from the Megabrands sale. This is Alberto Sumague's Kathy Shoes. It has a snake-skin design that is combined with leather. These are currently my go-to shoes. They are very comfy and stylish. They'll fit almost any outfit I wear. If there is one thing I know about Alberto Sumague's shoes, it is that I can wear them for ages and my feet won't hurt at all. That, and that I won't even get blisters the first time I wear them. 

Another thing I love about these shoes is that sew in garter which I think makes it more flexible when worn especially when you have wider feet like me. Whenever I see shoes that have garter similar to this one, I always think it's from Alberto's

One of the reasons why their shoes are very durable is that they sew it until the sole of the shoe. After having one of their shoes for, I don't know, a year now, I can say that their technique really does make it last.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they cover the inside with a soft fabric, which helps make it very comfortable to wear.

I've waited a while before I posted this because I wanted to try it several times before I write about it. I can honestly say that these shoes are one of the best buys I've made. I've worn these on days where I walk around for more than 4 hours and as expected my feet didn't hurt at all. It also has this strong grip on my feet. I won't even have to worry about it flying off if I ever decide to do a high kick. I love that I can wear these on both casual and more formal outfits. I also love how much they don't make my feet look even wider that it already is. BTW another amazing thing about these shoes is that they are cheap! These are amazing shoes, but they aren't expensive at all, especially compared to the mainstream shoe brands in the market. I just love shoes from Alberto Sumague. I am excited to buy more and even bring them to Singapore!

I just have this feeling that Alberto Sumague will go far with this. Go try it out for yourself!

Check out his shoes and bags!
Alberto Sumague's Links:

Email: albertsumague@yahoo.com
Facebook: albertsumague Page
Instagram: asumague

Interested yet? Here is the format for the Order form [taken from their FB page]:
"To order, send to us your filled up order form. 0921-323-6388 (SMS/VIBER) 
________________________________________________________________________ Order Form
Address :
Cellphone #: Instagram:
Final order:
Mode of payment: [ BPI, METROBANK,and MONEY TRANSFER ]"

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