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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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Cover Reveal: The Lighthouse by Jason Luke

Hello Everyone!

I'm quite excited to share a cover reveal for The Light House by Jason Luke. I read the short synopsis and was intrigued, I thought it seemed interesting and I wanted to share it with you guys!

‘The light house’ - A love story.
Art has always been Blake McGrath’s life. Scarred by tragedy, he’s hiding from the world on a lonely beach, struggling with loss and bitter regrets.

Connie is a disillusioned art dealer with troubled relationship issues of her own. Through her sudden mysterious appearance, Blake once again returns to the craft he has mastered to prove to himself that there is hope, that redemption is possible… and that love can last.

Let's learn more about the author!

Jason Luke enjoyed several years involved in the BDSM lifestyle - but he is quick to point out that his experiences don't qualify him as an expert, any more than knowing how to drive a car makes him a qualified mechanic. 'Interview with a Master' is a novel about how one man became a Master. The book is a work of fiction, but Jason has drawn heavily on encounters from his own real life. He won't say which parts of the book are fictionalised, and which parts are auto-biographical.

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