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Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Movie Review: The Finest Hours

I wanted to watch something while I was having lunch when I came across this movie. I was actually looking for a Romantic Comedy when I came across this film. When I started the trailer, I thought it would be more of a love story with a dangerous obstacle, but it wasn't. I am so glad it isn't just a love story, it was so much more!

I just watched The Finest Hour, and boy was I moved to write this review. I'm supposed to be working tonight, but here I am watching this movie and writing this review about it. I guess you can say this is how much I liked the movie. It is actually based on a real story. The amazing story of Bernie Webber, retired US Coast Guard and how he and his 'crew' set out to find survivors of a sinking tanker/vessel, The Pendleton.  

I don't want to get in too much detail of what happened in the story as it is better for you to watch it in whole. To be honest, I didn't even finish the trailer when I decided to watch this movie. I wanted to see it in its whole. Although, You can see the trailer at the bottom if you want to see it. 

They had such a nice cast. I felt like they fit their roles just nicely and that they all did a good job. The effects are very well done. It didn't feel like a cheap movie that just wanted to rush everything and get it out to the public. Disney always do great movies and I got surprised to see that this was one of them. When I see/hear Disney, princes and princesses, or animated movies come in mind. I'm not complaining though, this was definitely a great decision on their part. I loved this movie!

I think people focused on Bernie and his team's effort to save the men on the boat, as it is such an amazing story, but in my opinion, we need to also point out how Ray Sybert, Pendleton's Chief Engineer (You'll learn more about later on) tried to keep the boat afloat amidst those circumstances. The vessel WAS sinking, but he was trying his gosh-darn best to prolong their lives. It also showed a glimpse of the love story of Bernie and Miriam.

I had to mention though, I honestly didn't really feel the deep love between Bernie and Miriam at the start, because I felt like he loved her, sure, but he was just going with what she wanted. Although they were able to redeem themselves at the middle part and at the end. My heart went soft, and I just crumbled at the end. Team BerIam! 

I cannot explain how much my heart ached for the Pendleton crew and their fight for survival. I felt like my heart was racing when they were trying to steer what's left of their vessel. They broke into groups, but then finally worked together as one after Ray Sybert became their officer-in-charge/captain. 

It was truly an incredible story, I just can't get over Bernie's determination to go through with his mission to save what's left of the Pendleton Crew. I also would like to applaud his team for stepping up and volunteering even though they know they might not come back.

That's it for now! Thank you so much for spending time to read my review. I truly appreciate it. I would like to end this post with a quote that just struck me. In my opinion, this was the best line in the film. 4.5 Stars ! 
"We All Live or We All Die" - Bernie Webber. The Finest Hour 


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