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Saturday, January 11, 2014

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Book Review: Reviving Izabel by J.A. Redmerski

Reviving Izabel [In The Company of Killers #2]
~1st Person POV

This book has made it's way to my favorite books! Actually, it's more like this series is one of my favorite series. I loved this book! It contains death and graphic scenes some people might not like, but I loved this! I did not put it down same as book 1 and I wanted to this review before I start reading another book.

First, I have to say I love the cover. I think I failed to acknowledge it in book 1, but I do love it as well. I could really see the woman as Sarai or Izabel. Sarai was strong in the first book, and I cannot believe how she gets to become a strong person here. The book continues from Sarai returning to a normal life and Victor disappearing. She doesn't even know if Victor is alive or not. Well, since we have book two here, you guessed it, of course Victor is still alive. 

Synopsis from Amazon:
"Determined to live a dark life in the company of the assassin who freed her from bondage, Sarai sets out on her own to settle a score with an evil sadist. Unskilled and untrained in the art of killing, the events that unfold leave her hanging precariously on the edge of death when nothing goes as planned.

Sarai's reckless choices send her on a path she knows she can never turn back from and so she presents Victor with an ultimatum: help her become more like him and give her a fighting chance, or she'll do it alone no matter the consequences. Knowing that Sarai cannot become what she wants to be overnight, Victor begins to train her and inevitably their complicated relationship heats up.

As Arthur Hamburg's right-hand man, Willem Stephens, closes in on his crusade to destroy Sarai, she is left with the crushing realization that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. But Sarai, taking on the new and improved role of Izabel Seyfried, still has a set of deadly skills of her own that will prove to be all she needs to secure her place beside Victor.

But there is one test that Izabel must face that has the potential to destroy everything she is working so hard to achieve. One final test that will not only make her question her decision to want this dangerous life, but will make her question everything she has come to trust about Victor Faust."

When I read the Synopsis I was already intrigued. I could not wait to see what test she has to pass. I was hooked and I could not put it down. I wanted to see more of Cassie and Victor's affair. If you're holding on to the thought of them being all sappy and romantic, don't. Don't hold your breath. This book is more than just romance. It focuses on Sarai's transformation to become like Victor. I absolutely love women empowerment and even though she's a little too violent here for some people, I just had to give her props for bravery and strength. Some would say she made several stupid mistakes, even Victor agrees there and I have to agree, but she was determined and I liked that about her. 

We get to see more of Victor's emotions here and I cried for him a little before I got frustrated and mad at him. Oh how he took me on a roller coaster ride from wanting him to hating him, then back to wanting him again. He's a ball of uncertainty and I like it. I don't want to spoil the story, but the last part made me angry. I think people should read it without any idea what will happen in the end. I was mad at the surprise, yes, but it made me feel the story much more. People might have different opinions about it, but you won't hear me complaining.

I liked the characters in this book and I even grew fond of Fredrik, the next character to have his own story in book 3. I don't know why, but I fell in love with Fredrik! He is currently my favorite man in the series. I want to see his part soon! Maybe it's the mental anguish I wish to inflict on myself, but Fredrik has me wanting more. I thought the story line was just right, it was written with great detail and the pacing was enough to capture my attention. I felt what Sarai felt and I believed in her thoughts, even her last decision. I would definitely recommend this to my friends! 

☆☆☆☆☆ ~ 5 Stars


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