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Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Book Review: Ivan [Her Russian Protector] by Roxie Rivera

Ivan [Her Russian Protector #1] [Currently FREE]
~1st Person POV & 3rd person POV

Hi Everyone! I just finished this book and unfortunately when I was reading it last night, I put it down and just went to sleep a bit early. I didn't really get into it as much as I wanted to. I decided to write about it now while it's still fresh. It's Free!

Tattooed Russian 'Hottie' who's operating well known mixed-martial arts training centers with a mafia history, how can you resist it? Just look at the cover, it's already tempting enough *winks*. Anyway, this is the first book in the Her Russian Protector Series. The following books focus on different characters. This first one is about Ivan and Erin. Overall a nice short read. It's one of those books you can read in between heavy books.

Erin is desperate to find her 'junkie' sister, which is why he turned to Ivan, a tattooed Russian who's operating mixed martial arts training centers with a shady background. When they first met, they had this spark I keep looking for when reading books.

"The instant we made contact an electric zing arced through me. From the flash in his eyes, he must have felt it too."

I was thinking that "Ooh! she's already got him!" and boy was I right! It turns out Ivan can't bear to see Erin look sad.

I like Erin because she's brave, selfless, patient, and she definitely has some "Oomph" in her. She has this feel where I, as a reader admire her and enjoy the story from her point of view. Ivan was a good guy with a bad past. He got into some shady things, but he isn't the typical bad boy. Maybe I can say he's a reformed bad boy? Anyway he's all soft and caring around Erin and it's cute, but I wish I could have seen him resist it. I just wish the story was longer and that it dwelled in some parts of the story. I would have liked to see him helping her, but trying to stay away from her emotionally for a bit, but then again, he's no bad boy and the story revolved on rescuing Erin's sister Ruby [Conflicting thoughts, conflicting emotions, sorry *sadface*].

"She was ready to go out there and face two gangs on her own rather than put another life in the crosshairs. He couldn't allow it. He wouldn't allow it" 

That part just got me to actually smile. [P.S. I'm trying to keep it as spoiler free as I can] Oh I wish it had Ivan's POV. I don't like reading books that are in a 3rd person POV. I just don't feel it as much as I do with the characters telling the story, with them describing their emotions and practically dragging you in with their experience. Maybe other people experience that with 3rd person POV books, just not me.

The story line and time frame is as you guessed it, short as well. I wish there were other books revolving around Ivan and Erin, so I could continue to read, maybe see a bit more action as well. Oh and in the climax, I was waiting for the big confrontation, how Ivan was going to keep Erin safe, but it didn't really go into it. I was disappointed *sadface*.

★★★½ ~~~~~ 3.5 Stars

Like I said, it's one of those in-between reads. It's nice, it's okay, but I wish there was more. I'm thinking of reading the 2nd Book, which is DMITRI and it's supposed to be longer than Ivan's book. We will see. ~xo


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