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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Book Review: The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

~1st Person POV

The Mighty Storm is definitely a book to read! It was engaging even though the author's writing was simple. I have previously acquired this book and to be honest, at first I just skipped through chapters. I was just checking out what was happening. I've read some chapters completely and even though I barely know what happened in the preceding chapters it managed to make me cry. I regret doing so now that I read it from the start. Unfortunately it no longer made me drop a few tears. I was still feeling their pain though and boy was I hooked. 

The Mighty Storm is about two best friends who were apart for 12 years. Trudy is a music journalist who one day had the opportunity to interview his former best friend and first love Jake Wethers. Jake is a famous sexy rock star who also owns the label he's signed with. Unfortunately, he is known to be a womanizer and had previous problems with drugs. It all gets confusing for Tru when old feelings reappear and leave her questioning her current relationship with Will. Will she keep business away from pleasure? Or blur the lines between the two?

Oh I just enjoyed reading this book. Even though I skipped through chapters before, I really did enjoy reading this. Especially when they experienced their "break-up moment". Oh it broke my heart again! I've read that part before, but it still managed to hurt me! Definitely an 'angsty' book. Well don't you love these books too? If you are like me and love the drama, this book is for you. It's not too angsty though no worries. It's just enough to make your tears fall for a while.

*SPOILER WARNING* There were some parts that did turn me off.
I wasn't feeling it when Jake wants Tru to speak in Spanish when they were making love. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't think it was sexy at all. Maybe it's because I can't imagine it being said in a sexy manner with a Spanish accent. I mean no offense at all to anyone. I'm just bad with trying to play out an accent in my mind. I really do find the Spanish language interesting as well as the way they speak, but I can't make myself have one in my imagination. I suck at it, but I did try. 

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Anyway, this book will show you some of the real problems that come with being famous. It also shows you the life of a rock star, the drugs, sex and the money. I was honestly undecided if I was to read it before since I don't really like the idea of cheating, but this book got me hooked and I'm happy I read it. Also, I was a little annoyed at how insecure Tru was at the beginning and how she keeps thinking Jake doesn't see her as sexy and all that, even though the way it was written it was obvious Jake liked her. I'll be reading the sequel, which I also skipped through before, but I hope this gets me crying! Oh I will not skip through chapters again! I learned my lesson

★★★½ ~~~ 4.5 Stars

If you already want more, here's the link to book two:
Wethering The Storm [Storm #2]


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