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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Yabang Pinoy 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar Part 1

Hello everyone!

I'd like to share a little something about an event I went to a few days ago. I wasn't able to blog about it sooner because I was stuck with schoolwork. It has been extremely busy and I had to do it before I blogged. With that said, I may not be able to blog for a week or two. Although, I will try to put up posts whenever I get a little time off. I actually still have tons of products, food, and recipes to share, but I really do lack the time to make the posts. 

Anyway, right now, I'd like to talk about an event that happened last August 22 - 24 2014. It was basically a bazaar that showcased Filipino brands. It is an event that promotes supporting our Filipino made products. According to one of the posters for the event, It is "A celebration of Filipino art and design, music, travel, fashion, food, home and technology." It was the first time I've heard of it and it was only my professor told us to go there. 

I am the type of person who doesn't usually buy Filipino products. I am not gonna lie, I am used to buying and wanting products from foreign countries. It's not that I think all foreign products are better, I guess I was just not aware of the brands that came from our/this country. I was not aware of how great these products were. Going to this bazaar was an eye-opening experience. I was in awe. I am very impressed of how creative they were. To be honest, a lot of the items there looked like global products. These stuff usually aren't found in malls and in big department stores and I usually buy my stuff there. While thinking about it, I also wondered how many Filipinos were like me. How many others don't know about how wonderful our products are. I'm guessing a lot. I don't see them, so I don't know about them. I was both happy and shocked to find out about it. I felt proud of my race.

The entrance was worth 100 Philippine pesos. It also came with a raffle, although I don't know what the prizes were. Anyway, I paid the fee and went inside. I came an hour or so later to look around the stall found in the lobby. I was able to receive a few different newspapers. I also looked at this table with "guest list" written on it. There were a few laptops on top of the table facing me, and I decided to ask what it was about. They said they had a list for bloggers and I said I was one. I registered not knowing what it was. I thought they would keep a look out for my blog when I post about the event. I found out bloggers can get in for free. Basically, I had no idea that happened. I asked if I can get the 100 back then, if that was so and they said to ask someone that handled the accounting. I talked to the person who sold me the ticket and she gave me back the 1 hundred and said she wouldn't remove me from the raffle. She was so nice! I was able to buy another item inside because of it. First time I got in for free because I blogged. I started this blog because of my love for sharing, not for perks it can give me. To the people from Yabang Pinoy, I greatly appreciate it.

Next I'd like to focus on the venue and the companies that were included.So, this is where the event was held. It only had the ground floor but it had tons of stalls inside.  There were tons of different types of companies that showcased their creativity and talent through their products.

 Most of the food stalls were outside. The ones inside did not need to cook their food. Being a foodie, I wanted to try everything, but of course I won't be able to. My grandmother, my brother and I decided to buy one of each from the gourmet food stalls mostly because it had rice and we were to have lunch. I will be making a review for the ones we bought in the next posts.

I would like to end part 1 of this post here because I will be talking about the companies that I thought stood out. I have gathered business cards from them and will be featuring their items in part 2 which will be out this week. I decided to post a few reviews on items I bought from the stalls inside. I will be posting more along with part 2. It's taking some time because I'm adding details and contact information for each stall. All the stalls were good but I will be featuring my favorites. 

I will be updating this with the link for part 2 soon. 

Yabang Pinoy FB Page: Yabang Pinoy
Yabang Pinoy Website: www.yabangpinoy.com
Global Pinoy Bazaar FB Page: Global Pinoy Bazaar

Note: To all my international readers. I apologize if there are a lot of posts that may not apply to you. I will be back to posting about items that may be bought internationally soon. Thank you for your patience.


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