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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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10th Global Pinoy Bazaar: Rustje Decoupage Floral Plate by Lost & Found


I'd like to share another fab find from the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar (If you don't know what that is or if you haven't read my post about it, kindly check here). It's this floral plate from Lost & Found. I believe its a Rustje Decoupage Plate. Although, I have no idea how to say it out loud, I do know that:

1. It is waterproof. As long as you don't immerse it underwater for a long time, it would not be damaged.
2. It is sort of made like paper mache, although with different materials, and it is definitely stronger and better than paper mache. 
(Note: I can't add the differently symbol-ed letter for some reason. It keeps on turning up as boxes.) 
3. It is beautifully pattered and formed
4. It is a great gift idea. 

Basically, you can put accessories, finger food, keys and other stuff in this. It comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The bigger ones can also be used as a tray. In short, your imagination is the limit. I decided to buy the small sized one because I plan on using mine in a number of ways. I think I can also use it for blog photos.

I was able to speak with the owner's mom. She said it was a new endeavor and that it was for her daughter's project, if I remember it correctly. I was actually trying to pick which one to get, but this was the first thing that caught my attention and I was basically holding onto it while I was trying to decide. After a few minutes of staring, I finally decided to go with this one(I usually have a hard time deciding what to buy). The owner's mom was actually able to notice how this one easily caught my attention. I guess I made the right choice.

I really liked how this one was floral designed and shaped. It was unique and it easily my attention. I also liked the way it shines when it is under light. It has a few rough lines inside, but not something I'd probably take great importance of. If the cover was basically glued onto it, that should happen a lot. I guess I didn't mind it because it still looked really good and a little fitting. It comes with several different designs and shapes. If this item lasts, I'll probably get more. 

Lost & Found has a lot of other stuff to check out. I think majority of the items were cute and quirky. I think its worth giving a look. 

I decided to grab one of their photos from Instagram through Iconosquare for you to see what I mean. 
(used an URL to upload it here. they have the rights for this photo)
A photo of their stall from the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar.

Email: lostandfound.mnl@gmail.com
Instagram: lost&found.mnl

Note: To all my international readers. I apologize if there are a lot of posts that may not apply to you. I will be back to posting about items that may be bought internationally soon. Thank you for your patience.