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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Book Review: Grave Tender by Eliza Maxwell

Hi Everyone!

I've got another great book for you guys. I just loved this one. The book is called Grave Tender by Eliza Maxwell. I was really captivated by the book. I just couldn't put it down.

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

"At ten years old, Hadley Dixon's life changed forever. Since those few tragic weeks, she's tried to keep the past buried, but old bones have a way of rising up. Grown now, Hadley can't hide any longer.

Haunted by a boy who never made it home, a woman who sings in moonlight and dances in flames, and the strange, scarred recluse who watches it all from the shadow of the pines, the time has come for Hadley to pay for her sins.

 They say the truth will set you free, but sometimes it extracts a terrible price along the way. Is it a price Hadley's willing to pay?

A darkly moving mystery, with a southern Gothic feel, The Grave Tender is the story of a family where no one is what they seem, the women at the heart of that family, and the extraordinary lengths they're willing to go to protect the ones they love."

My Review

All the characters in this book contain this big flaw or flaws in them. The author showed me their differences and what makes them tick. She was able to clearly give each character a certain personality. I thought the characters were all interesting and I wanted to know more about each one.

A lot of interesting things happened in the story. Some of them were heart breaking. A lot of them are really sad. It was a pretty sad story to be honest. It is one of those heavy weighted books when it comes to emotions. It sort of brings you down to their level of sadness and/or pain. It is an emotional book that some people could relate to and make others feel lucky about their life. A lot of the things that happened in the book are very real. I believe they do happen in our society, but it isn't talked about often.

I enjoyed reading the different ways the characters dealt with their troubles. Sometimes it made me annoyed by their actions, because it could have been dealt with better. After a while though, it makes me understand  why they acted a certain way.

Overall, I thought it was astounding! I would not change a thing in the book. I'd say it's a 5 star read. I loved the way the author told the story. I kept turning the page, wanting more. I felt so much sadness while reading. I even cried [I know I cry easy, but wow, this was painful]. I loved it tons! I want more! 

5 stars!


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