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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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World Environment Day

Hi Everyone!
I was not going to publish any more posts till I finish editing the blog, but I wanted to share something I believe in. I wanted to share something that I think people should take more notice of.

Whether we accept it or not climate change is happening and we have the power

I know it may be a little late, but I wanted to write about the World Environment Day. According to UN.org this is celebrated every June 5th. This day is supposed to raise global awareness to take steps, no matter how big or how small, to protect and conserve the environment.

I look at this photo and feel blessed for living somewhere that sustains my needs. I feel blessed because the planet I live in is filled with such beauty. I feel blessed because I get to see the vast array of plant and animal species the Earth has to offer.

Since my post is about World Environment day, I wanted to share photos that capture the beauty of our planet:

I just love how each photo is vibrant and filled with life. The World Environment Day is something that should be celebrated every day, not just one day a year.It's something that people should take notice of. The earth is  still beautiful, but not as beautiful as it was years ago. Just look at the following before and after photos.

 Image: Before and After: Himalayas from "http://communicationleadership.usc.edu/blog/filmmaker_david_breashears_climate_change_evident_even_on_everest.html"

Image: Before and After: Tar Sand Exploration from "http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/18/1008331/-Join-me-to-Protest-the-Keystone-XL-Pipeline"

I've read both articles and I am saddened at what is happening. When will we wake up from the illusion that there is nothing drastic happening to our planet? Will people continue to act blind? Every day, we lose time, time that is essential for us to change something, to stop this. I've created a short poem that you may or may not like. I wanted to express my thoughts in a different manner.

 Every day

Every day, we cause more pollution,
will we ever stop?
Every day, we cause further damage,
how far can we go?
Every day, we find no solution,
are we all doomed?
Every day, we all face the challenge,
can we stop climate change?

will you stop climate change?
yes? no? maybe? which one is it?

Every day, we hear people say they will change the world,
do they mean for the better or for the worse?
Every day, we hear people promise that they'll take a stand,
are they actually doing it?
Every day, we see people act like they care,
do they really?
Every day, we see people who do not care,
ignorance is bliss

Every day, it's like we're asking for more natural disasters,
is this what we want?
Every day, we ignore nature's cry for help,
until when can we act deaf?
Every day, we take and take from what's left of nature,
how long will it last?
Every day, we slowly kill mother earth,
do you even care?

I sit here and wonder when will the people wake up? When there are mountains and mountains of trash everywhere?

When there is nothing but drought?

When we no longer have no clean water? 

When the Children are left hungry because we've destroyed the environment? 

Or when Natural Disasters run rampant and destroy our cities and take millions of lives?

What kind of Earth will the next generation see? What kind of Earth will your children live in?

What can we do to help the environment? Stopping climate change and saving the planet is no easy task to do. I know that the usual thing people say is we all should individually do the "little things". I've heard seminar speakers say it, I heard political candidates say it, I heard teachers say it, I heard my mom say it, I heard almost every one say it. The thing is, no matter how little we think of it, if we all do it together, it becomes one big solution to a big problem. The problem lies in us though. Will we do it? Will we all try and save the planet? Or will people treat them like new year resolutions and forget about them after a few days? 

Maybe.... just maybe, we can do something worthwhile if you're up to it. 

I've stumbled upon www.unep.com. They have something called the WED Challenge where you pick a team and pledge to do something to help the environment.

 There are four teams which consist of:

Team Don: "Get on Board and Power Down"

Team Gisele: "Reduce your Food Print"

Team Ian: "Connect to Go Greener"

Team Yaya: "Purge Plastics"

I decided to create small pledges to all the teams... (even forgot I used my main email address in the first one)

After you click the Make your pledge button, you'll see this:

Then... this happened to the last one:

I don't know why it happened. The purpose of the website is to raise awareness. I think it was created so that people would feel inspired to do something themselves, no matter how small their pledge is. If something like this happens to you, then it's okay. The important thing is not creating a pledge on a website. The important thing is you are promising yourself something, no matter how small it is, that will help the environment. 
I plan on following through with my pledges and I will probably make another post about it in the future. It will be something like an update on what I'm doing. I hope you could join me in doing small pledges. We can make a difference if we try. 
I really wasn't sure how I'd make this post. Somehow, I made it this far. I started with feeling appreciative of our planet and ended with a pledge that I will do something to help the environment. I hope you enjoyed reading. 
After all this, will you do something to help? 

PS: A quick thumbs up to Army Amber who has taken a photograph I have above. She posted them on pixabay which have free photos people could use. Her photos enthralled me, which is why I thought I'd give her a special mention. Like what one of the photo's comments said "I enjoy how your pictures captivate the feeling of the children"(From: Curtisana).  I really do. Thanks for uploading beautiful photos Amber ♥
♥ J


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