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Thursday, March 20, 2014

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My First Book~ My Thoughts

Hi guys!

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I apologize. I have been so busy with real life that I barely had time to log on. I just finished my final examinations and so here I am again! Yay! Anyway, since I've just gotten back, I haven't really been able to finish any new books to review. I do plan to create one though. Has anyone ever read so many books that you've thought of creating one yourself? Well, I have. I've recently decided to finally put on paper, in this case Microsoft Word, a story that has been playing around my mind a lot. I don't know how many people would be able to read this cause I've been out from the blog for a long time, but do you guys like inspirational books? Those books that still have a little romance, but the focus of the story is on self improvement and/or development? Well that's the book I plan to create.

I have been working on my story when I realized several things:

1. It's difficult to complete a draft. I tried to put together the chapters I have in mind, what I'd like to happen in those chapters and some events or lessons I want the chapters to show. I found out that it was a very difficult task. It's the time you try to put together everything you want to happen, no matter how vague the events are. I feel like most of the time, I have so many things I want to put it that it would be too long, even though I was planning on making it as short as it could be, but as entertaining and interesting as I could. I don't want to write something too long, readers would not want to actually finish it.

2. It's tiring to check if it's grammatically correct. One thing I enjoy about blogging is how free I could be with the format, the language, pretty much everything. I don't always check my whole post for incorrect grammar. I know I should and I suck at it, but that's the point, my blog is my freedom wall and I shall enjoy my grammatically incorrect sentences! I may get a lot of hate for it, but *flips hair* I type what I like. Whenever I blog, I usually just type away. I literally just think of a topic and start typing. I don't have to check everything, I just have to share my thoughts, but if I actually want to create a nice book, I have to check and recheck everything. I would even be asking people to read and check it for me.

3. It's a long process. Writing a book will require months. If you didn't already know, I am a college student who have tons of interest. My main problem with writing a book is the time. I intend to give it as much of my free time as possible, maybe even write chapters while waiting for a class or something, but I can't guarantee as much time as I would like. This writing process will definitely push me to my limits. I welcome it though because I enjoy a good challenge.

4. I'm worried I may not be able to maintain the emotions I want to portray. Since this will be a long writing process, I'm worried about how I'd feel about what I'm writing in the future. I mean, there are certain situations wherein I pour my heart out when typing, and if I continue it at a later time I may not feel the same and ruin the moment. It hasn't happened to me yet and I'm already worried. Slap me?

5. I enjoy pouring my heart out!  I love what I'm doing right now. I am passionate about the story I am writing and whenever I type about something I really relate to, I just have these little pinches in my chest. I feel like I'm divulging a little bit of myself in the pages and I really hope people would see and understand it. My future readers will know about how I really think of certain situations and how I felt at times. I can see why authors love to write. It's very liberating even if what you're writing is fiction. What I'm writing is fiction, but I always try and pour my heart out. I think the book in the making will contain a piece of the author no matter how impossible the story is.

6. I love it! I just love the thought of writing and people reading what I write. It's one of the many reasons I've started to blog. It's not always about how fun it would be if people shared the same opinions, but actually speaking out about something you're interested in. I believe in and love how people have different opinions on certain topics and I enjoy reading and understanding how they see the world. I love how I get to create a story people may or may not like. Writing gives me some sort of peace. It also allows me to somehow live vicariously through the characters in the story. The story may not always have those perfect characters and may experience really bad stuff, but oh the spice of life! It's similar to when reading a book, you sort of get to live in another world. You won't always want to live vicariously through some characters, but you get to entertain yourself with it or give your life a little more excitement through it.

Well that's it! The current things I realized. By the way, I'll be doing not so daily blogs, even though they wouldn't all revolve around books, boys and food. Follow me if you'd like to receive updates about my posts and Thank you for reading! xo~


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