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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Food Review: Yellow Cab's Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza

Hi Lovelies! Have you been to Yellow Cab recently? Well, as you can see, I have. I've decided to have lunch there with my friends and I ordered a Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza. I bought it for 165 pesos and I was not able to track the time it took to be brought to me because I went out to buy myself a nice drink, since I did not like they currently had. That and I wanted to do something because I'm not a big fan of waiting. Anyway, we went to the Insular Life Building Branch in Makati City. If I was not able to inform everyone in my previous posts, I am from the Philippines. 

This is a photo taken from Yellow Cab's Website. It is the advertised photo of the Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza. This is a nice photo that makes me feel hungry. Seriously, I'm a tad hungry at the moment. 

Now, this is the photo I took after I had my first bite. No editing was done, except adding my blog's address. I do apologize because I was unable to take a photo of the inside of it, but I have to say I was not impressed with how it looked. If you zoom in on the sides, it was burnt and a little hard when eaten. That was the case for all the sides. The inside didn't really have as much "filling" as I expected as well. If you could see, it was pretty flat and the only filling I get near the sides are the greens. I get that food looks very different from its advertised photo, but I expected a little more from Yellow Cab. 

I've been a fan of Yellow Cab for a few Years and my favorite has always been the 18' Manhattan Meatlovers. Their thin crust pizza mixed with the strong flavors of their meat is just amazing. I absolutely love it. Right now though, I feel like I'd have to stick with the normal pizzas that are for sharing if their my size folded pizzas are similar to this one. There are a few things I noticed with my order, which are:

1. I can't stress enough that I did not like the burnt parts. If I told the employees about it though and if they would change it for me, I would not have the time to eat it at all. I have a 1 hour lunch break and if they are to make another one, it'd probably be done by the time my break is up too. Let me remind you that I had to go there, make an order and wait. There is not enough time even if they were to give it to me in 12-15 minutes. 

2. The Greens were a little overpowering. I'd like to think that since I ordered Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza, the "star" of the dish would be the chicken. Unfortunately, the greens were the ones that I always tasted. 

3. The Sauce was Nice. Being the weird person that I am, I always eat the side of a dish first. I eat the middle last because that is the part that contains the most flavor. Once I got to the middle, I was finally able to taste the sauce and I really liked it. If I could taste that throughout the dish, I'd be a very happy girl. 

4. The Ambiance of the Place was calming. Working in a fast paced environment, everything is always busy. To say that it was lunch time and almost every fast food place or restaurant is packed, the ambiance the branch provides is quite peaceful. I really had a break from work and I have to note how the temperature is just right. I don't like eating somewhere too hot or too cold. 

5. They have Good Staff. I have to say that I am a little indecisive. It was my first time to eat the folded pizza and I was unsure what to pick. I was talking to the cashier asking her what the best seller for the folded pizzas were and she said it was either the Grilled Lime or the Shrimp. Since she gave me two answers, I still could not decide. I hate wasting money on food I do not like. I noticed someone behind me so I let them go ahead and I looked at the menu on the side. After I finally decided, I ordered and told her it was to go and I'd be back. I went out for a couple of minutes and went back. When I got back my friends finished ordering at a nearby Chowking and decided we could stay at Yellow Cab to eat. Realizing I did not have anything to drink, I was about to go out to find something when I passed by another one of our friends who will be joining us and she decided to buy something from Yellow Cab as well. While she ordered the same thing, I informed the cashier I'd like my order to be for "dine in" and I left. She obliged and went on to finish my order. Long story short, I was indecisive and the staff complied to everything I liked. Kudos to that cashier.

Perhaps some of you are thinking about how hard I am on my critique, and I do agree. I'm a little harsh, but I am telling you how it is. If it was me and I was planning on trying something out, would I like to read about how perfect something is, when in fact it is not? No. I want to know the facts. I want to know if I should buy it or not. 

Do I recommend this product? If you would not mind the negative things I have told you and would like a taste of the nice middle part I liked, then go right ahead. I'm not sure if those things only happened to me, because my friend who ordered the same thing had a better dish, or at least I think so. I saw her munching on the sides and it didn't really have as much burns and I saw some sauce in it wherein mine was dry. 

Let's say I recommend Yellow Cab's Normal Pizzas. I love them, I have yet to review them, but if I did they would probably be high. I liked this Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza, but not as much as I wanted. The middle part was great, and if I could have another which was better, I'd give this review an update. Maybe it was just the branch? Or it was a little incident that was overlooked? I don't know. 

I want to love the Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza from Yellow Cab, but the one I got was not satisfying enough. Don't let this product give you a bad image of Yellow Cab, because if I said it before, I will say it again. I love their Pizzas and I think you should try them if you have not. Try the Manhattan Meatlovers if you plan on ordering. Check out the site here: Yellow Cab's Website

Metro Manila Delivery Hotline: 789 - 9999

Grilled Lime Chicken Folded Pizza: ½ ~~ 2.5 Stars!


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